Day 1:  Tokyo (-/-/-)

Sensou-ji Temple  Arrival at 10:00 Depart at 11:00

Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa Daito-kuTokyois one of Japan’s most distinguished tourist spots and is very popular among foreigners too. It’s most distinct trait is the large Raimon gate at the entrance. Even if you have yet to visityou probably have seen pictures of the big red lantern. You’ll find sweets and souvenir stalls on either side of the path leading to Hozomon from Raimon.

The Five-story Pagoda and Nitenmon are other highlights for your visitgiving the placerare historical valueand being in Tokyo it is easy to access from Narita International Airport.

Since 2003 Senso-ji Temple has been illuminated at night as part of the Commemorative Events of the 400th Anniversary of the start of the Edo Bakufu. You should visit at night as well for a different feeling of the place.

Tokyo Sky Tree   Arrival at 11:00  Depart at 12:00

Tokyo Sky Treeat 634mis the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world. It is said that the height of the Sky Tree was made to be 634m as a pun – the combined area of the prefectures of TokyoKanagawa and Saitama used to be called Musashi-nokuni (634 can be read as mu-sa-shi). Tokyo Sky Tree was built with an image of a tree that grows towards the sky. It was built with the hope that people from all over the world can gather and create a new culture.

The observatory deck of the tower has a 360°5m glass glazingand the night view from there makes you feel as if you’re staring into a jewelry box. What we advise you to experience above anything else is the glass-flooring. The thrill you will experience from seeing straight through the glass-floor is sensational.

In the Tokyo Sky Tree you can enjoy Japanese food and buy exclusive souvenirs. It will give you a good memory of Tokyo.


Ginza   Arrival at 14:00  Depart at 15:30

The name Ginza originates from the Edo-era where the town was used for minting silver (Gin) coins. It is also the reason why the Kabuki-culture has stuckwhere superficial beauty is pursuedmaking it the most renowned amusement district in Japan. The main street of Ginza is popular among foreigners too where many international brand
stores and long-standing department stores line up. It is a town that is loved by people of all age groups and you can enjoy almost anything here from fashion
culture to food. The night view is also something to beholdand during Christmas season people often stop in their paths to take pictures of the beautiful Christmas decorations and illuminations.

In walking distance from Ginza Main Street is Kabuki-zathe pantheon of the traditional Japanese performance art.
Rows of fans queuing up to buy tickets are typical of Ginza.


Akihabara   Arrival at 16:00  Depart at 17:30

Akihabara is a pop-culture sanctuary and the world’s largest scale electric town. Anime-culture is so much a part of Japanese culture these days that it is usually the first image that springs to mind when foreigners think of Japan. Akihabara is the center of the Animegaming and popular culture of Japan. Akihabara is also the birthplace of the successful AKB48 groupand is home to the AKB48 Theater where you can buy official goods and attend live shows. The tickets for the live shows are sold by lottery and so many people gather in fornt of the Theater every day in order to see the results. The Maid Cafeswhere waitresses are dressed as maidsare another popular tourist attraction of Akihabara. Waitresses dressed-up in ways you only thought possible in the anime world will serve you. It is popular with the Japanese as well as foreigners as anyone
can feel like a master or a mistress. We recommend this place if you’re looking to experience some alternative Japanese


Day 2 Ibaraki (-/-/-)

Ushiku Daibutsu

Arrival at 8:00 Depart at 9:00

The world’s largest bronze statue, the buddha is 120 meters (390 ft) tall.
The world’s largest bronze Buddha statue, Ushiku Daibutsu is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest Buddha statue in the world. It took 10 years to build in 1993.

This large statue is much taller than the Statue of Liberty (40 meters) in New York. The garden in the motif of Paradise spreads by the Buddha’s feet, flowers blossoming throughout the four seasons. Also, visitors can enter the interior of the Buddha. The interior is separated into 5 floors, and each floor represents a fantastic world of Buddhism. Visitors can go up 85 meters to the Buddha’s breast by the elevator, and enjoy a panoramic view below from the outlook window. On a sunny day, even Tokyo Sky tree can be spotted.

Hitachi Seaside Park (Enjoy sunflower)  Arrival at 11:00  Depart at 12:00

Hitachi Seaside Park is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast, and incorporates a unique natural environment of sand dunes, forests, grasslands and springs. With a total space of 350 hectares, of which 200 hectares are open to the pacific, this huge spacious park is home to a variety of colorful flowers and grasses throughout the four seasons, as well as numerous other attractions, including an amusement park, large
grassland, cycling and BMX tracks, a forest athletics field, BBQs surrounding by nature, and
many cafes and restaurants.

Shinjuku Shopping   Arrival at 15:00 Depart at 18:00

Nearby Shibuya, packed and buzzing by day, is empty and echoing by 2am. Ginza, with Tokyo’s biggest commercial turnover, is only fun as long as you have a very full wallet. And Ikebukuro is still snapping at the others’ heels when it comes to scale and urbanity. The scale and range of goods and services on offer in Shinjuku is breathtaking. This guide will introduce to you Shinjuku’s main shops, department stores, and shopping centers.
Mere descriptions of the main shopping attractions cannot convey the energy and bustle of this non-stop retail hive, this dense shopping jungle. On the ground, Shinjuku is vastly more than its main features. Alleys, nooks and crannies abound. It is almost as much underground as it is above ground, making for a very 3D shopping experience where going up and down stairs, escalators and elevators is as much a part of it as getting from point to point on the map. The best advice:
explore and enjoy it all without worrying about exactly where you are at every moment. It’s safe, and it’s within a small enough area that you’ll pop back up, or get back down, to street level somewhere and eventually make sense of it! Shinjuku is a large ward, and the shopping referred to here is focused on the Shinjuku Station area.


Day 3 (-/-/-)

Kamakura Buddha   

Arrival at 8:00  Depart at 9:30

When thinking of the ancient cities of JapanKyoto and Nara of the West and Kamakura of the East spring to mind.
Not only was Kamakura the political centre of the country
but it is also rich in nature with it being surrounded by mountains and the sea. It has been a tourist destination for over 400 years. In recent years many Japanese artists and authors have gathered to Kamakuragiving it a reputation as a cultural centre. Starting with Kotoku-in and Tsuruoka-Hachiman-gu Shrine which are famous for Kamakura-no-Daibutsu (The Great Buddha of Kamakura)there are over 100 historical sites to be seen and experienced in Kamakura in order to understand its culture and history. You can also enjoy marine sports at Shonan beachand we recommend you enjoy the local cuisine making good use of Ancient Kamakura ingredients. Kamakura is a tourist destination where you can enjoy historynature and food.
Hakone Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is a hot spa leisure facility in the center of Hakone, a
representative hot spring resort in Japan. It is aptly described as a “Hot spring theme park,” and numerous unique baths please couples and families. The facility is divided into zones to be entered with bathing suits on and zones to be entered without any clothes on. The main facility of the amusement zone where you wear a bathing suit is the God’s Aegean
Sea, which is a large-sized spa. There are also many numerous humorous-style baths, including Wine Spa, where there is
a huge wine bottle 3.6 m tall and you can enjoy the rich aroma, Green Tea Spa containing rich catechins, Coffee Spa, which contains coffee extracted from coffee nibs using the drip method in the relatively low temperature of hot springs, and Japanese Sake Spa, where real Japanese sake constantly drips into the bathtub from a huge cask. If you are lucky, you
can get coffee poured on your head in the regular performances of adding coffee into the bathtub a few times a day. A special recommendation for women is foot bathing with doctor fish, which nibble away at old dead cells from the skin. 
The cypress bath and open-air baths in the no-clothes zone are definitely high quality, as you can expect from a hot spring in Hakone. You can spend a relaxing time by looking at the mountains of Hakone.


Day 4 (-/-/-)

Mt.Fuji to Tokyo
Mt.Fuji 5th station   

Arrival at 9:00   Depart at 10:00

When you think about Yamanashi prefectureMt. Fuji is the first thing that springs to mind. It is a World Heritage Siteand one can say that it is the symbol of Japan. The best place to appreciate this symbol of Japan is the fifth station of Mt. Fuji at sunrise. Mt. Fuji is said to be a sanctuary and is deemed to have special powers. Goraiko (Rising Sun) Tours are organized. Each station of Mt. Fuji has something different for you to enjoysuch as the Suzuhara Shrine at the 1st stationthe historical Fuji-Omuro-Sengan Shrine at the 2nd stationand virgin forests at the 3rd and 4th stations. When scaling Mt. Fuji by footone can feel the pleasures of nature. For those who aren’t keen on hikingthe Fuji Subaru Line will allow you to reach the 5th station by car. If you’re tired from the hikingyou can go to the hot springs at the foot of the mountain. You’ll be able to admire Mt. Fuji from a different angle as you relax in the hot spring.

Oshino Hakkai   Arrival at 11:00   Depart at 12:00

In the south-east of Yamanashi prefectureto the north of Mt. Fujiis Oshino-mura Village. We recommend you see the Oshino-Hakkai (8 lakes) there. As the name suggestsOshino-Hakkai (8 lakes) comprises of 8 lakes. Oshino-Hakkai (8 lakes) is a natural treasure and is selected as one of the 100 exquisite waters of Japan. Its water source is the underground stream from Mt. Fujimaking it a spring water spot. With the legends and history of this place being used for the purification ceremony of Fuji pilgrimsand the beautiful scenery including Mt. Fuji in its backdropOshino-Hakkai (8 lakes) is recognized as a part of Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site in being an “object of worship” (“places of worship-ascent and pilgrimage”) and a “source of artistic inspiration” (“viewpoints and views”). The beautiful scenery will simply take your breath away. Please see with your own eyes the World Heritage Site that Japan boasts of; Oshino-Hakkai.

Odaiba   Arrival at 17:00  Depart at 18:00

Palette Town is a popular commercial building complexand you will find a Toyota car exhibit here and you can even take some of their flagship cars for a test drive. There are many interesting attractions such as a theme-park type shopping mall based on famous foreign brands and medieval Europe. The Palette Town Daikanransha (Ferris wheel) measures 115m and is a symbol of Odaiba. Try a romantic ride on which you’ll be able to see Tokyo TowerSky TreeTokyo Gate Bridge and Rainbow Bridge. The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) is in Odaiba too and you’ll be able to discover and experience some cutting edge technologies. We also recommend the Oedo Onsen Monogatariwhich is a slightly unusual theme-park. The onsen theme-park is modeled after the ancient town of Edoand by wearing bright coloured Yukata (bathrobes) you’ll feel as if you have slipped back in time to the Edo-era. Other than Natural Onsens there are mixed Sand Baths and Footbaths to be enjoyed as a couple. Fuji Television is another landmark of Odaibawhere you can see actual and participate in actual TV programs and buy official goods. The view from Fuji Television is also very goodand you’ll be able to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.


Day 5 (-/-/-)

Narita International Airport

Arrival at 09:00
Depart at

Thank you for your coming to Japan.